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Sit back and watch your service scale.

ProcessKit streamlines repeatable work, makes your team more efficient, and sets your business up for 
predictable growth.

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Your service is driven by process. Shouldn't process drive your tasks?

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Automate client onboarding

Scale your agency's growth by streamlining how your team onboards new clients to your service.

Onboarding with ProcessKit
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Streamline repeatable tasks

Fulfill client retainers, streamline administrative tasks, and execute marketing campaigns. If it's repeatable, then it can automated using ProcessKit.

Automating with ProcessKit
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Hire & train faster

Grow your team without the bottlenecks by using ProcessKit to streamline training and onboarding of new team members.

Hiring with ProcessKit
“ProcessKit illustrates exactly what was in my brain. I’ve been looking for something clean, something replicable, with as much automation as possible. Nothing worked that way, until I found ProcessKit.”
Tyler Turk
Tyler Turk, Crated With Love
How they use ProcessKit

Automate your operation

with ProcessKit


Smart process templates

Goodbye stale SOPs that nobody follows. Hello smart process templates that can adapt to variations automatically.

  • Create beautiful processes rich with text, images and video.
  • Build-in conditional logic, input forms and automations.
  • Make improvements to processes and propagate changes to all your active projects.
Process designer
Kanban board tasks

Repeatable Tasks

Repeatable projects and tasks in ProcessKit are an agency's dream. Easy-to-use checklists designed for consistent, quality work. Powerful automations that eliminate project busywork.

  • Checklists, intake forms, dynamic dates, and conditional logic.
  • Flexibility to change things up on the fly.
  • Track progress with kanban boards, activity logs and notifications.
  • Recurring schedules for repeatable projects.
“ProcessKit gives me confidence to push on growth. It gives us predictability and reliability. With ProcessKit, we can add more clients into the funnel knowing that our systems won’t break.”
Harry Morton
Harry Morton, Lowerstreet
How they use ProcessKit

Everyone on task,
on time

Feel confident that your team has everything they need to execute tasks efficiently. You have full visibility. No “hey, got a minute?” required.

  • Automatically delegate tasks to your team.
  • Automatically calculate due dates.
  • Communicate on tasks and see who did what, and when.
  • Personal to-do lists to manage yours and others’ workloads.
  • Guest access for temporary people.
Team delegation of tasks
Client management

Manage your client list

Don’t shoehorn your client work into software that doesn’t fit. Working with lots of clients or vendors? ProcessKit is made for you.

  • Store client information in the same place you’re doing client work.
  • Tasks automatically adapt based on the client and their attributes.
  • Invite clients as guests without requiring them to login or accept an invite.

Automate your operation

To scale your operation, you need to automate your team’s recurring tasks. ProcessKit is designed to be automated, without feeling overwhelming.

  • Build powerful conditional logic rules into your processes.
  • Set dependencies on tasks.
  • Run automated actions when tasks are completed.
  • Integrate everything with Zapier or using webhooks.
Process automation
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“ProcessKit is a profit-center for us. Our customer onboarding used to be ad hoc and crazy. Now we can scale it and charge for it. Results are better. Customers are happier. The business is healthier.”
Aaron Kassovar
Aaron Kassovar, AgentMethods
How they use ProcessKit

First-class Zapier integration.

We love Zapier just as much as you do. 
Connect all your apps and leave no data un-synced.

ProcessKit Zapier App
“ProcessKit is a breeze. Everything's lined up, automatically. We used to spend way too much time managing tasks. Now our process becomes a task list, with everything all set up in a matter of seconds.”
Cody Martens
Cody Martens, Luminary Agent
How they use ProcessKit

Build a process-driven business that’s primed for growth.

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Improve your processes

Discover new ways to streamline and automate your operation by designing better processes and workflows with ProcessKit.

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Streamline repeatable tasks

Instantly build projects & tasks from process templates. Automate dates & assignments. Make your process-oriented projects smarter.

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Hire & train faster

New teammates and longtime players alike get up and running faster when their tasks come with training, built-in.

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Deliver for clients

Wow your clients with consistent quality every time. From onboarding & intakes to ongoing retainers. Scale your client work with ProcessKit.

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Scale sales & onboarding

Process leads, always followup, and onboard new clients—at scale. Run your sales process through ProcessKit.

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Make marketing predictable

Produce content, plan your marketing calendar, and oversee your campaigns with ProcessKit—all by following your process.

“ProcessKit actually makes our processes better! It simplified our SOPs and made them easy to follow for my team. Now we can quickly improve our processes too. It's exactly what we needed!”
Troy Cole
Troy Cole,

Upgrade your operation with ProcessKit

Your team will thank you.

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