AgentMethods is a digital marketing platform that helps independent insurance agents increase their presence through websites, email marketing, social media, and additional content. 

Though AgentMethods is technically a software tool, they affectionately call themselves a “servitized product.” In other words, they’re a high-touch company that focuses on developing authentic relationships with their clients.

It’s for these reasons that AgentMethods turned to ProcessKit – helping them to organize workflows, cut down on wasted time and energy, and even increase their profits through developing additional revenue streams. 

“ProcessKit has allowed us to charge for new customer onboarding,” explains Kassover. For us, ProcessKit is a profit center.”

AgentMethods is a uniquely people-centered SaaS company. Still, they value efficiency and streamlined processes. They don’t want to waste a ton of time on reinventing the wheel for client services. They don’t want to drain their 12-person team’s time on resolving mistakes or tackling the same issues when their energy could be better used elsewhere. 

And they certainly don’t want to miss out on opportunities for profit through offering additional streamlined services.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at how AgentMethods used ProcessKit to streamline their services, cut down on wasted time and energy, and even turn a client service – onboarding – into a new profit center. 

The Challenges: An Inefficient, Ad-Hoc Approach & Wasted Team Time

“We do live sales calls, we answer the phone when clients call us, and we walk every customer through a series of onboarding calls,” explains AgentMethods founder Aaron Kassover. “And even after that we provide high touch support. We act like a web development company even though we’re a software product.”

The challenge with personalized, people-centered service – especially during onboarding – is that too often, AgentMethods found themselves functioning as an ad-hoc team. When a client approached them with a problem, they scrambled to find a solution and provide effective support. 

The result?

Disorganized workflows. Inconsistent responses. Mistakes. And a lot of team time and energy spent sorting through problems. In fact, they held biweekly meetings that ran up to three hours, where team members would corporately tackle every customer problem individually. 

“It was painful, inefficient, and no fun,” says Kassover. 

AgentMethods simply wasn’t functioning to its full capacity as an efficient, profitable company. They were expending their resources on simply staying on top of the ball when they could have been expanding their services. And they were suffering in morale and energy. 

“We’d be exhausted and nearly crying at the end of our team meetings,” says Kassover. “I don’t want to use the word ‘chaos’….but we were definitely winging it. And the results weren’t great.”

The Solution: ProcessKit

When Kassover discovered ProcessKit, he originally envisioned using it for a service that he hadn’t yet developed for clients – a CRO and PPC service. But as he dived a little deeper into what ProcessKit could do for AgentMethods, he realized that the software tool could help resolve a major existing pain point: customer onboarding. 

Customer onboarding was an opt-in, paid service for new clients that relied on a single, shared checklist to function. And it ran much like other parts of Kassover’s business: on-the-fly. 

Given the personalized, custom approach of AgentMethods, not all parts of the customer experience were ready to standardize. But customer onboarding was….so, Kassover took the leap and tried out ProcessKit for AgentMethods’ client onboarding. 

“We put onboarding into ProcessKit and standardized it,” says Kassover. “Now, it’s a service that we now run every customer through.”

Part of Kassover’s success was to do a “simple first take” that he could evolve over time. Because users have the ability to tweak, alter, or refine processes as they go – automatically populating existing templates – Kassover didn’t have to worry about getting it perfect at the get-go. 

“We’re constantly adding to our ProcessKit template, tweaking it, and improving it,” says Kassover. “That way we can continue to benefit from it.”

And, ProcessKit’s Zapier integration saved the team at AgentMethods the additional step of making manual changes to customer billing and subscription plans. 

“When a new customer signs up or makes changes to their plan, the system is triggered automatically to pull details for that customer,” explains Kassover. 

Next, ProcessKit’s dashboard helped Kassover to manage and view his client onboarding quickly and efficiently – saving him additional time and energy on resolving problems retroactively. 

“ProcessKit gives me really good visibility,” says Kassover. “I use it as a dashboard to see where everything’s at with clients. It helps me spot issues before they become problems, so that’s really helpful.”

ProcessKit has been so successful for managing client onboarding that Kassover has now adopted it for new hire training and onboarding.

“We don’t hire new team members very often,” says Kassover. “But there are a lot of steps to bring on new team members. Earlier this year, we brought somebody new on and I documented all the steps. Now, I use ProcessKit to train and onboard new hires.”

At the end of the day, ProcessKit has proven to be more than what Kassover originally envisioned or imagined – a tool that has helped him not only tackle his greatest challenges in AgentMethods, but develop brand new strategies he didn’t even know he needed.

The Results: A New Profit Center, Saved Time, & Higher Quality Service

ProcessKit has certainly delivered on its promises of streamlining specific workflows and automating tasks for processes for AgentMethods – but the results have gone far beyond organizational improvement. 

Here are four results of AgentMethods’ partnership with ProcessKit:

A new source of revenue. 

By standardizing and normalizing customer onboarding with ProcessKit, AgentMethods has actually generated a new source of revenue. 

“ProcessKit has allowed us to charge for new customer onboarding,” explains Kassover. For us, ProcessKit is a profit center.”

It goes without saying that a new stream of profits is a significant plus for AgentMethods. 

But as you’ll see next, the price tag is well worth it for customers…

Happier customers. 

Scaling and managing onboarding with ProcessKit has also helped create an overall better experience for customers – helping AgentMethods to offer speedier, more consistent support. 

“Before ProcessKit, our customers had to wait longer for support….and they often got an inconsistent response,” explains Kassover. “Now, we’re fast and consistent…and the same customers are so much happier.”

Not only that, but ProcessKit has helped AgentMethods reduce mistakes – also producing a higher quality, more consistent experience for customers. 

“Team members don’t miss steps anymore, because they don’t have to keep track of everything,” explains Kassover. For example, there are some details that would get forgotten again and again. With ProcessKit, they’re no longer forgotten.”

Less stress.

As mentioned above, AgentMethods’ previous workflows were a bit…chaotic. 

But with ProcessKit, the day-to-day flow at AgentMethods is smoother and less stressful – for both founder Kassover and his team members. 

There’s one place to go to keep track of all their work,” Kassover says of team members. “So they don’t have to worry about everything being fragmented or spread out.”

But ProcessKit’s automated workflows also mean less stress for him – “I could be on vacation and it still runs smoothly,” says Kassover. “I can’t imagine not having it.”

Saved time. 

A major point of impact of using ProcessKit has been time saved – which, as any owner knows, ultimately results in an increase in resources (including time, energy, and labor). 

“We still have the meetings but they’re fairly quick now,” explains Kassover. “We went from an average of two hours down to just 30 minutes. Everybody knows exactly where everything is, so we can quickly identify the problems we’ve got, solve them, and go back to our day.”

Saving hours of labor every week for each team member isn’t the only time-save, however. New hire onboarding has become quick and easy with ProcessKit. 

“Because everything is documented, the jump from new hire to effective employee is a lot shorter for us,” explains Kassover. “On our side, we’ve also saved hours with new onboarding – where an email to a new hire might have taken a few hours to write before, we can now just copy and paste from ProcessKit’s templates. It takes 10 seconds.”

At the end of the day, ProcessKit is quite literally saving AgentMethods hours in work – leaving more room for the great support they offer to clients. 

Streamline the Chaos & Generate More Revenue with ProcessKit

If you’re interested in seeing how ProcessKit can help streamline workflows, automate task assignment, and help you run a stronger, more efficient (and potentially more profitable) business, you can try a free 14-day trial here.