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Customer Case Studies

Hear how customers are using ProcessKit to streamline and scale their service business.

Scaling Real Estate Marketing Services by Freeing up Mental Space with ProcessKit

How Cody Martens, founder of Luminary Agent, uses ProcessKit to automate his real estate marketing services company and free up mental space to grow his business.

How ProcessKit Helped the Founder of “Crated with Love” Get Ahead on His Long-Term Goals

Discover how Tyler Turk of Crated with Love used ProcessKit to get streamlined and get ahead.

How AgentMethods Turned Customer Onboarding into a Profit Center using ProcessKit

This case study covers how AgentMethods uses ProcessKit to scale their customer onboarding and turn it into a profit center for their business.

How Lower Street is Scaling Podcasting as a Service using ProcessKit

How could a service actually deliver high-quality, highly-customized podcast episodes, with personalized client engagements—and still scale it to producing 20 or more episodes per week?…