Hello there!

Welcome to your course on Process Automation where I will show you how to make your business more process-driven, more automated, and more efficient.

Why? So that your operation can run like a predictable machine, and so that your business can glide its way into growth mode, rather than plateauing at your current level because your systems and processes aren't in order.

And if your business is in client services, then I'm especially talking to you. Believe me, I know how chaotic and challenging it can be to get a services business to become more process-oriented. But I'm telling you, it's possible and I've seen it done first hand, time and time again.

I'm Brian Casel, I'm the founder of ProcessKit, I'm also the founder of several client services businesses over the years, which I've grown by keeping a laser focus on automating our processes.

Why "Process Automation"?

Why did I call this course Process Automation?

Because it's not enough to just create a few standard operating procedures, or SOPs, and call it a day. You've probably tried that and I'm guessing you've found that in the real world, your team and your clients simply don't follow your processes.

That's where the automation piece comes in. I'm going to show you a different way to think about processes, by creating, what I call, "smart" processes.

That is-processes that can actually adapt to the twists and turns that your real-time projects take.

Now in most of this course, I'll be demonstrating how to implement these concepts using ProcessKit, the software that's specifically designed for running your business in a process-driven way. I do recommend that you at least start a free trial of ProcessKit so that you can follow along with the tutorials that I'll share in this course.

But even if you don't end up using ProcessKit long-term, I think you'll come away from this course with plenty of useful takeaways and concepts that you can apply, regardless of which tools you're using.

How to use this course

I do recommend you follow the lessons in order because every concept that I'm sharing builds on top of the one that came before it.

We're going to start off with the very basics, and then become slightly more advanced as we move along.

Now I'm a big believer in learning by actually doing. So as you follow along with these lessons, I'm going to guide you through actually building a process and operation based on the most common example that I see, and that is a process around onboarding new clients to your service.

Again, we're going to start with a very basic version of this process, but as we go along, we're going to circle back and enhance our process with more and more automations.

I'm going to show you how to put your processes to work with your team's real-time projects.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you sit back and watch your business run and grow like a predictable machine, thanks to its systems and processes.

Ready to get to it? Let's go...

Have questions? Need help or advice on mapping out your processes in the right way? I love talking process! Get in touch and I'll be happy to work with you in your ProcessKit account.

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