Less Hustle. More Growth.

Ever feel like your operation would fall apart if you weren’t there to manage everything and everyone yourself?

“Got a minute?” pings from your team constantly fill your inbox. They’re blocked and unsure what to do next. You’re pulled down into the weeds, and once again, your more important projects get pushed back.

You’re ready to hire more people but the thought of how much work it’ll take to train them up makes hiring seem more like a setback than a step forward.

For now, you’re stuck in “hustle” mode, keeping clients happy and maintaining your billings until… Something changes.

But what?

Here’s the thing about “systems and processes”…

We all know they’re important. We all know that bigger companies live and die by them. We’d be thrilled if our business was so predictable that it could execute processes like a machine.

But here’s the reality:

Documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs) is a chore that you probably never make time for.

And even when you do, getting your team to actually follow your processes is inconsistent at best (and a stressful unorganized mess at worst).

It’s an all-too-common cycle:

Projects never seem to fit neatly with your ideal process. And so your team gets stuck or does it their own way. Then mistakes and miscommunications happen. Then you get pulled in to put out the fire. Then you wonder why you worked so hard to document your processes in the first place.

How can you break this cycle?

How can you get to a point where your systems and processes are a value-adding asset to your business—not a chore that only causes more stress and confusion?

A process your team will actually use.

What you need is a process that your team wants to use. A system that “just works”. A workflow that your people adopt because it makes their jobs more enjoyable and rewarding.

Your teammates shouldn’t spend their time trying to figure out “what should I do next?”. You want them focusing on more productive questions like “how can I make this great?”

New hires should be able to train themselves so that your business can grow and expand at will.

Managers should add their value on strategy and fine-tuning of systems. Not slowing down the team with constant check-ins and meetings.

Owners should sleep easy knowing their business is running and growing on autopilot, thanks to the magic of combining great people with impeccable systems and processes.

Building your ProcessKit

Your business is ready to grow.

But growth shouldn’t come at the expense of your time, your stress, or your enjoyment of building a great business. The same goes for your team who’s building it with you.

And so, with that mission, I’m starting ProcessKit.

ProcessKit is the operating system for your business. Use ProcessKit to create your company’s systems, processes, and workflows, just like you’d program a piece of software.

But unlike writing code, ProcessKit won’t require a degree in systems engineering to implement simple yet powerful workflows that your team will love to adopt and use.

Use our library of ready-made workflows from the best in client services, marketing and product. Or design and refine your own.

Built-in automation eliminates unnecessary “management minutia”, reduces blockers, and keeps you out of the weeds for good!

In short:

Build your ProcessKit to make your business more predictable, more automated, more valuable and more rewarding for you and your team.

What is ProcessKit, exactly?  See it in action here »

Join us

Sound interesting?  Then you’ll want to join our launch group.

It’s free to join and participate in early access to ProcessKit.  While we’re hashing out the tool, our small, private group is talking business, systems, and scaling.  You’re invited to these chats too, if you want.

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Brian Casel. That’s me, hi 🙂

I spent the past several years building and scaling businesses that generated plenty of revenue and profit. But I won’t bore you with those figures.

What I’m most proud of is this:

  • The majority of my team (25 amazing people, last I counted) have stuck with my companies for 3 years or more.
  • My intense focus on systems and processes have been responsible for freeing up my time to a point where I spend almost no time “in the weeds” and all my time on strategy and growth.
  • I love the work and I want my team to love their work. That’s what I optimize for.

ProcessKit is being built to serve the needs of businesses with 3 or more people in their operation. But that’s not to say you can’t find it useful as a solo operator.

The best way to see if it fits your needs is to join the launch list.

Right now, our launch list members are exchanging feedback, ideas, and advice in our private group and live sessions. Join in now!

Invites to use ProcessKit should arrive in early-to-mid 2019. Want to skip to the front of the line? Participate and make your voice heard in our private launch group.

Yes! Our launch list members get free access to exclusive perks like:

  • Free consultation calls with Brian and other members to talk systems, processes, and scaling.
  • Free access to our private members group where we’re sharing insights and advice on all things systems, processes, and scaling.
  • More helpful content like our videos, podcasts, and guides. We’re looking to feature our launch group members in these, if you’re interested!

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