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Turn client onboarding into a profit-center.

ProcessKit helps your agency onboard clients successfully at scale.

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Increase client lifetime value. Unlock predictable growth.

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“ProcessKit is a profit-center for us. Our customer onboarding used to be ad hoc and crazy. Now we can scale it and charge for it. Results are better. Customers are happier. The business is healthier.”
Aaron Kassovar
Aaron Kassovar, AgentMethods
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Client Onboarding:
Your Next Growth Engine

Think new client onboarding is just dotting your i's and crossing your t's?

Think again.

It's the key to unlocking your next wave of growth in your client service business.

Two reasons:

1. Excellent onboarding doubles client lifetime value.

Think about it.

If a client's first experience with your team is... "Meh." or even worse, it gets off to a rocky start, then you can bet they'll be looking for any reason to end the relationship.

But if your client experiences a well-run onboarding process, executed to a tee, they feel reassured, excited, and confident they made the right decision in hiring your agency.

That's the start a multi-year, highly lucrative client relationship.

Not to mention, your client will rave about you every chance they get.

2. Predictable onboarding un-blocks your sales funnel.

What's really holding you back from doubling down on sales?

It's not a lack leads. Plenty of clients are waiting to sign contracts with you!

It's your machine. It's not ready yet. If you signed twice as many clients next month, your team would break. You'd be swamped with overseeing it all and constantly worrying that your clients aren't being served.

What's missing?

Your client onboarding system. Get your machine humming and you'll be off to the races.

When you have absolute confidence that your system can handle an influx of new clients, you'll be ready to drive that next wave of growth.

ProcessKit has your back.

Let's get to it.

Set up every client for success
with ProcessKit

Repeatable Process
Track Progress
Client List

Make your client onboarding process repeatable & predictable.

No more scrambling. A calm, efficient, workflow for setting up new clients for success—every time.

  • Use our ready-made process templates or customize your own.
  • Build-in conditional logic, input forms and automations.
  • Continuously improve your process and propagate changes to all your active onboardings.
Process designer
Kanban board tasks

Track progress at every stage
in your client pipeline.

Your client onboarding is orderly, efficient, and you've got clear visibility at all times. Now you're free to push on growth, without worrying about things falling through the cracks.

  • Checklists, intake forms, and dynamic dates.
  • An organized Kanban view that stays up-to-date automatically.
  • Flexibility to change things up on the fly.
  • All key information, there at a glance.
“ProcessKit gives me confidence to push on growth. It gives us predictability and reliability. With ProcessKit, we can add more clients into the funnel knowing that our systems won’t break.”
Harry Morton
Harry Morton, Lowerstreet
How they use ProcessKit

Delegate onboarding tasks.
ProcessKit has your team's back.

Empower your team to run client onboarding tasks seamlessly, without your direction. With ProcessKit, they'll knock it outta the park. Every time.

  • Automatically delegate tasks to your team.
  • Automatically calculate due dates.
  • Pre-fill tasks with instructions, videos, and dynamic content.
  • Audit tasks to see who did what, and when.
  • Personal to-do lists managing tasks by person.
Team delegation of tasks
Client management

All your clients info at your fingertips.

Keep your client list, along with all of your clients' information. Pull a client's details into their onboarding tasks dynamically.

  • Store client information in the same place you onboard new clients.
  • Tasks automatically adapt based on the client and their attributes.
  • Invite clients as guests without requiring them to login or accept an invite.

Automate your client onboarding

Ready to scale your client onboarding? You need to automate it. ProcessKit automates this critical part of your operation, without feeling overwhelming.

  • Use “if-this-than-that” logic in your client onboarding process.
  • Set dependencies on tasks.
  • Run automated actions key milestones are hit.
  • Integrate everything with Zapier or using webhooks.
Process automation
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“ProcessKit actually improved our onboarding process! It simplified our process and made it easy to follow for my team. It's exactly what we needed!”
Troy Cole
Troy Cole,

First-class Zapier integration.

We love Zapier just as much as you do. 
Integrate client onboarding with your sales process and other workflows.

ProcessKit Zapier App
“ProcessKit is a breeze. Everything's lined up, automatically. We used to spend way too much time managing tasks. Now our process becomes a task list, with everything all set up in a matter of seconds.”
Cody Martens
Cody Martens, Luminary Agent
How they use ProcessKit

Upgrade your client onboarding with ProcessKit

Your team and your clients will thank you.

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