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“ProcessKit is a profit-center for us. Our customer onboarding used to be ad hoc and crazy. Now we can scale it and charge for it. Results are better. Customers are happier. The business is healthier.”
Aaron Kassovar
Aaron Kassovar, AgentMethods
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Process Builder

An easy and fast process builder to help you stand up your next process and a system to run it.

Process Templates

Document your standard operating procedures. Build powerful, automated workflows for your team. Use them to power your projects.

Conditional Logic

Create powerful visibility rules and dependency rules into your processes so that tasks automatically adapt to each individual project\'s conditions.

Recurring Projects

Make any project repeatable by setting up a recurring schedule of your choosing.

Kanban lists

Move projects along in customizeable kanban views. Automate moving of cards when tasks are checked off.

Preloaded Processes

You can have your process(s) automatically pre-load into your projects. Put your entire team into motion with just a click (or automation).

Propagate Process Improvements

When you've made improvements to your process templates, propagate those out to all of your currently active task lists on projects in a snap.

Dynamic Roles

Group your team by their roles, then dynamically assign people to tasks with role-based logic.

Forms on tasks

Build custom form fields for your team to fill in while working on tasks and hook this data into your process' conditional logic.

Liquid Tags

Take info from form fields and display it anywhere else in ProcessKit using the popular Liquid template tags system.

Template Emails

Create and send template-based emails with dynamic liquid tags and send them off directly from your tasks in ProcessKit.


Projects make our world go round. See how ProcessKit powers your projects with repeatable, adaptable processes.


Manage your clients list, store key client information with custom attributes, associate projects with clients and assign people to clients.

Dynamic Dates

Define rules in your processes so that your task start and due dates can be automatically calculated based on the current projects. They can adapt to real-time changes too.

Zapier Integration

Our powerful 2-way Zapier integration enables you to connect ProcessKit to thousands of popular apps.

Custom Fields

Further customize your projects by using custom fields. Make your fields automatically included in projects of a certain type.

Guest Users

Share tasks or task lists with guests. No login necessary, track what guests do, and fully manage what they can see (and what they can\'t).


Give your most repeatable projects a custom board. This makes ProcessKit work the way your business works, and adds powerful automations to the projects you run through that board.

Bulk Editing

When you need to bulk-assign someone to all tasks or check off all tasks in a task list or process, you can do it in one click!

Personal Task Lists

You and each person on your team can see a list of all the tasks they're assigned to, sorted by dates, and ready to check off.

Restrict Access to Projects

You can make some projects members-only, so that only specific people can see and access them.

Start & Due Dates

Every project and task can have a start date and/or a due date. These can be set on-the-fly or set dynamically.

Tags on Projects

Create and apply tags to projects. This is great for organizing projects by client, or by status, or anything else.

One-Off Tasks

Not every task needs to follow a standard process. Sometimes you just want to create and assign one-off tasks on the fly. Easy!

Activity History

See the history of all events that happened on both the project and task level. Also view each person's activity history.


Leave comments for your team on both the project and task level.

Process Groups

Organize your process templates into groups, to easily filter them by their use case or department in your company.

People Permissions

You can give users different levels of permissions to see, do, and access various features.

Kits Library

Import 'Kits' that include ready-made process templates, custom fields, and project types. Export and create your own Kits for others to use.

Multiple Accounts

If you own or access multiple ProcessKit accounts, you can easily switch between them without logging in and out.

Mobile Friendly

Every screen and feature is optimized for viewing and using on any mobile device. Save ProcessKit to your phone's homescreen!

Keep an eye on our next feature release!

Last updated December 9th, 2020

“ProcessKit is where our growth begins. Because it optimizes our processes, which makes our product better, which leads to lower churn rate, more revenue, and so on. It all starts with our processes.”
Tyler Turk
Tyler Turk, Crated With Love
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How long is the free trial?

Every new account starts with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required to start. Need more time? Just ask!

Can ProcessKit integrate with… ?

You use Zapier, right? (who doesn’t?). ProcessKit has an advanced 2-way integration with Zapier, which enables you to integrate to thousands of popular apps.

What’s the difference between a “guest” and a “team member”?

Team members have full capabilities within ProcessKit (but you can manage individual member’s permissions).

Guests are temporary users who you can invite to a single project with limited access and/or assign a few task(s) to.

Can I see a demo?

Sure! Watch our demo & walkthrough now.

Have specific questions about features or use cases? Ask us anything and you'll hear from us within a day.

Are there templates available?

Yep! When you start using ProcessKit, you will see our library of ready-made process templates, which you can one-click import, then edit and adapt to your needs.

We also have an easy build-from-scratch workflow to help you stand up your first process and board quickly.

Where can I find support & documentation?

All features have been meticulously documented with text and video tutorials and catalogued in our Knowledge Base, which you can access right inside ProcessKit.

You can also send us an email or live chat. We’re here to help!

“ProcessKit frees me up to focus on growth. It lets me automate even more of what we do. That’s makes a longterm impact. It frees me up to focus on growth or, you know, having more of a life!”
Cody Martens
Cody Martens, Luminary Agent
How they use ProcessKit

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