It’s the most common reason why agencies have trouble scaling their services.

It’s not a lack of processes.  But rather, it’s the challenge of your processes keeping up with the way you and your team actually do things today in your business.

You’re constantly improving.  You’re becoming more efficient.  Your tools are changing.  Your team is growing.  Your client base is growing.

All that means that your processes need to improve, adapt and change in order to keep up.

Process changes cause disruption!

It’s true.  Every time you rework one of your processes, it throws a wrench in your operation—especially all of those active projects that are still using the old way of doing things.

You probably deal with this same, frustrating, workflow:

  1. You notice a problem that needs fixing in your process.
  2. You edit and improve your process.
  3. You tediously make the same change to each of your active projects to reflect the new workflow.
  4. You stop your team’s progress, adding a bunch of confusion into the mix on their current projects.

(Hint:  there’s a much better way to handle this using ProcessKit.  I’ll show you that below.)

Opportunities to improve your process

You might think taking time to maintain and improve your operating procedures is a chore.  But it doesn’t have to be!

There are plenty of opportunities that naturally arise in the day-to-day operations that are perfect queues for you and your team to improve how you do things.  Here are a few common ones:

How to propagate process changes—without disrupting your team

So you know that continuous process improvement is a must if you’re going to keep scaling and growing your agency.

And you know that every time you change things up in your processes, it’s a massive disruption for your team, throwing your active projects off their tracks.

But it doesn’t have to be!  ProcessKit’s propagation feature solves this problem.  See how it works:

Every time you make changes to your process templates in ProcessKit–whether you’re reordering steps, adding new ones, reworking your conditional logic, date rules, or anything else—You can simply click the “Propagate changes” button.

What does that do?  It magically pushes out all of your latest changes out to all of your active projects and tasks—without wiping out any of your team’s progress or content that they’ve already inputted into those tasks.  Seamless!

Try it the next time you make improvements to your process.  Your team with thank you 🙂